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2005-2006 Past Episodes & Original Air Dates ... in descending chronological order by original air date

show 170 - Dec 25-Jan 1 - The 2006 TACKY XMAS SPECIAL

Cliffie Stone & his Hometown Jamboree Gang - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Billy May & his Orchestra - Do You Believe In Santa Claus
Fishbone - It's a Wonderful Life
Billy May & his Orchestra - Do You Believe In Santa Claus (cont'd)
Gene Autry - The 3 Little Dwarfs
John Prine - Christmas In Prison
Gene Autry - The 3 Little Dwarfs (cont'd)
John Prine - Christmas In Prison (cont'd)
Gene Autry - The 3 Little Dwarfs (cont'd)
Johnny Paycheck - The Old Year Is Gone
Fishbone - Just Call Me Scrooge
Kay Martin & her Body Guards - Santa's Doin' the Horizontal Twist
Lil McClintock - Don't Think I'm Santa Claus
Lord Beginner - Christmas Morning the Rum Had Me Yawning
Lil McClintock - Don't Think I'm Santa Claus (cont'd)
National Lampoon - Kung Fu Christmas
Terry Fell - (We Wanna See) Santa Do the Mambo
The Residents - Fifth Day of Brumalia
The 5-6-7-8's - Rock'n'Roll Santa Claus
The Glad Singers - Happy New Year
The Stridells - I Remember Christmas
The Residents - Twelveth Day of Brumalia
The Velvet Sounds - Hangin' Up the Christmas Stockings
The Stridells - I Remember Christmas (cont'd)
The Velvet Sounds - Hangin' Up the Christmas Stockings (cont'd)
Toastie - The Christmas Song
Fishbone - Slick Nick, You Devil You

show 169 - Dec 18-24, 2006 - Denis Leary, Steven Wright, More Xmas Comedy

Rowan Atkinson - A Warm Welcome
Denis Leary - Life's Gonna Suck
Steven Wright - 7's and Museums / Water / Jiggs Casey
Steven Wright - sample from The Aristrocrats ('To Hear The Differences')
David Cross - Good Pussy
Denis Leary - Insane Cowboy
David Cross - Sister prank call (from "Let America Laugh")
Denis Leary - Smoke
Denis Leary - Merry Fuckin' Christmas (Studio)
Bob Rivers - I Am Santa Claus
John Valby - Rum Pum Pum
Bob Rivers - Aquaclaus
Bob Rivers - Jingle Hells Bells
John Valby - Frosty
Bob Rivers - Have Yourself an Ozzy Little Christmas
John Valby - 12 Days Of Xmas

show 168 - Dec 11-17, 2006 - George Carlin's glorious rants, plus Yuletide comedy

George Carlin - Abortion [from Back In Town]
George Carlin - Sanctity of Life [from Napalm and Silly Putty]
George Carlin - Capital Punishment / State Prison Farms [Back In Town versions]
Patton Oswalt - My Christmas Memory
Bob Rivers - Twisted Chipmunk Song
Bob Rivers - Walkin Round In Women's Underwear
John Valby - Chestnuts
John Valby - Greensleeves
Tom Mabe - Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, BANG!
John Valby - Fa La La La La
The Chipmunks - Christmas Don't Be Late (pitch shifted)
Twisted Sister - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

show 167 - Dec 4-10, 2006 - New music from The Residents ("Tweedles"), Bob Goldthwait, Mitch Hedberg

John Safran - Atheist Gospel
Bobcat Goldthwait - Operation 51st State
Bobcat Goldthwait - Gall Bladder
Opie and Anthony - 100 Grand
Opie and Anthony - Scrotum
Mitch Hedberg - Lynn / Tomatoes / Fire Exit
Bobcat Goldthwait - Salt and Pepper Nutsack
The Residents - Isolation / Stop Signs / Elevation
Robby Roadsteamer - Let Me Put The Tip In
Robby Roadsteamer - Attack of the Clones [from video]

show 166 - Nov 26-Dec 3, 2006 - New Weird Al, Andy Andrist, Bill Hicks, Tom Mabe

Andy Andrist - Death / The Carnival / Too Many Erections
National Lampoon - Listener Sponsored Radio #1
Bill Hicks - Vs. The Audience 2 / School Days / Vs. The Audience 3 (FST)
National Lampoon - South Bronx is Burning
Tom Mabe - Peeping Tom
National Lampoon - Listener Sponsored Radio #4
Tom Mabe - Trevor
Tom Mabe - Newspaper Subscription
National Lampoon - Listener Sponsored Radio #5
Robby Roadsteamer - The Greatest Shit Of Your Life
Bill Hicks - Waco (Koresh)
'Weird Al' Yankovic - I'll Sue Ya
'Weird Al' Yankovic - Polkarama!
'Weird Al' Yankovic - Virus Alert
Robby Roadsteamer - I put My Ostrich Mask On

show 165 - Nov 20-26, 2006 - The 2006 THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS special

Tonight Show - Jaywalking (Bible Quiz)
Richard Pryor - Exorcist [edit]
Tonight Show - Jaywalking (Back to School)
Doug Stanhope - The Banana Lady (GWS)
Don Knotts - The Analyst
MOD - Don't Feed the Bears
The Residents - Devil in Disguise [2003 remix]
Alice Cooper - Tag, You're It
Abbott & Costello - Costello's Pet Turkey (11/25/1943)

show 164 - Nov 13-19, 2006 - Tammy Faye Starlite, plus George Carlin, Steve Martin, Neil Hamburger

George Carlin - Free-Floating Hostility
Miss Tammy Faye Starlite - God's a Hard Habit to Break / If you're 
	Comin' Down Sweet Jesus / God Has Lodged A Tenant In My Uterus
Steve Martin - Hostages / Cruel Shoes / Comedy Is Not Pretty
Neil Hamburger - Cancel It! / You're Not Good Enough / The Man from HOTT
George Carlin - Euphemisms: the March of Time (from "When Will 
	Jesus Bring the Pork Chops", p62-66)

show 163 - Nov 6-12, 2006 - A look back at ridiculing "Grunge"

George Carlin - The Save-A-Pussy Foundation
George Carlin - Yeast Infection
David Cross - New York ["You Go, Girl!"]
David Cross - Jew Raised in the South [Austin Powers Saying "Yeah Baby"]
Andy Andrist - Queer Rights
Andy Andrist - War On The Homeless
Andy Andrist - Killers For Hire
The Presidents of The United States Of America - Peaches
Weird Al - Smells Like Nirvana
Todd Snyder - Talkin' Seattle Blues
The Presidents of The United States Of America - Dune Buggy
Weird Al - My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder
The Presidents of The United States Of America - Candy

show 162 - Oct 30-Nov 5, 2006 - The 2006 HALLOWEEN Special

Lewis Black - Candy Corn
Gilbert Gottfried - Dracula
The Who - Boris The Spider
Alice Cooper - Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Alligator Wine
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Voodoo Priestess
Alice Cooper - Dead Babies
Alice Cooper - This House Is Haunted
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Whistling Past The Graveyard
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - interview clip (2)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Swamp Gas
Bill Cosby - Chicken Heart

show 161 - Oct 23-29, 2006 - Classic George Carlin, Dead Alewives, Weird Al

George Carlin - A Place for My Stuff
George Carlin - Peas
George Carlin - I'm Musical
Gilbert Gottfried - Suppository
Gilbert Gottfried - Bear Hunter
Gilbert Gottfried - No Tits
Mr. Show - Dying Asshole in Vietnam
Dead Alewives - Ray Bradbury
Dead Alewives - The Date
Morgan Murphy - Jimmy Kimmel Live (1)
Dead Alewives - Horror Scopes
Weird Al Yankovich - Your Horoscope for Today
Robby Roadsteamer - Pete has a Song...
Robby Roadsteamer - I've Fallen Down (and I don't wanna get back up)
Weird Al Yankovich - Albuquerque

show 160 - Oct 16-22, 2006 - Midgets & Retards

Norman Wilkerson - I Need New Glasses
Norman Wilkerson - I Heart Retards
Norman Wilkerson - Midgets on a Plane
George Carlin - Headlines (excerpt)
Dave Attel - Midget Friend
Patton Oswalt - Midget Villages
Mr. Show - Viewer Hate Mail [excerpt]
South Park - Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld
Patton Oswalt - We're Here We're Queer
David Cross - Executing Retards ['Socks and Shoes' excerpt]
Eddie Murphy - Almost Fucked A Midget
Patton Oswalt - Facts about Midgets [uncut]
Doug Stanhope - Offensive To Midgets / End the Hate
Patton Oswalt - America, the Giant Retarded Kid
South Park - Timmy - Livin' a lie
Billy and Ryan - Retard Noises
The Kids of Widney High - Insects
Billy and Ryan - Pop Horror
The Kids of Widney High - Pretty Girls
Billy and Ryan - The Warrior
The Kids of Widney High - Throw Away the Trash
The Residents - Mickey, the Mumbling Midget
Billy and Ryan - Bed Time Now

show 159 - Oct 9-15, 2006 - Eddie Izzard talks to the Animals, George Carlin on Hometown

Lewis Black - Yom Kippur
Onion Radio News - Jews to celebrate some sort of Holiday
Neil Hamburger - (Write My) Name on the Toilet
Bill Hicks - What Is Pornography [Relentless]
Eddie Izzard - Talk to the Animals
Eddie Izzard - Mad European Cows
Eddie Izzard - Hatred and Sharks
George Carlin - White Harlem
George Carlin - The Hallway Groups
George Carlin - Black Consciousness
Bill Hicks - Talking Car [FST]
Bill Hicks - Summer Trip [FST]
Cheech and Chong - The Continuing Adventures Of Pedro De Pacas And Man
South Park - Book of Mormon

show 158 - Oct 2-8, 2006 - The 2006 HEAVY METAL Episode!

Bad News - Bohemian Rhapsody
Pat Boone - Crazy Train
S.O.D. - What's That Noise?
Pat Boone -  Crazy Train (continued)
Patton Oswalt - 80s Metal
Pat Boone - Holy Diver
Denis Leary - Drugs (non-album version, excerpt)
Bad News - Heavy Metal Farmer
Spinal Tap - Sex Farm
Iron Maiden - Sheriff Of Huddersfield
Iron Maiden - Listen With Nicko! Part VIII (excerpt)
Def Leppard - Release Me
Billy And The Boingers - I'm A Boinger
Billy And The Boingers - U Stink But I Love You
M.O.D. - Don't Feed The Bears
Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers
Sam Kinison - Highway To Hell
B&R - Crazy Summertime Girls

show 157 - Sept 26-Oct 1, 2006 - Wake of 9/11 Humor from George Carlin & David Cross

Doug Stanhope - $16 An Hour / Scared Straight [StTtEO]
Doug Stanhope - Stillborn Liver
Doug Stanhope - The Perfect Girl / Tits Are Illegal [Sicko]
Norman Wilkerson - Intro from a Gay Me / I Heart Cocksuckers
Norman Wilkerson - Gay Marriage / My Dick's a Dick
Norman Wilkerson - Antidepressants / My Poor Sickly Wife
Robby Roadsteamer - I Put A Baby In You
David Cross - September 11th ['Sex on the Internet']
David Cross - September 12th ['Spiderman vs. Batman vs. Wonder Woman on the Rag']
Robby Roadsteamer - Pee With Your Father
Robby Roadsteamer - Duck Hunt
George Carlin - The Opening (Compaints and Grievances)
Lewis Grizzard - Preachers (I Got Faith)

Technical difficulties once again hit, and show #156 is replayed though the week of Sept 18-24

show 156 - Sept 11-17, 2006 - Doug Stanhope, Neil Hamburger, Lisa Lampanelli, Lewis Black

Doug Stanhope - Vasectomy [DBH]
Doug Stanhope - Abortion [DBH]
Doug Stanhope - Priest Molestation [DBH]
Lisa Lampanelli - White Devils & Hispanic Woman
Lisa Lampanelli - Pillow Talk
Lisa Lampanelli - Men Are Good & Women Are Beautiful
Neil Hamburger - Music of the Night
Neil Hamburger - A Score to Settle
Neil Hamburger - A Nationally-Known Comedian
Lewis Black - We Don't Know What We Are Doing Anymore - Air Traffic Control
Iron Maiden - Space Station No 5

Technical difficulties give a delay before show #156 starts

show 155 - Sept 4-10, 2006 - Old Time Radio special #6, AMOS & ANDY!

Amos & Andy - Courtroom Catastrophe (22 Oct 1943)
Amos & Andy - The Butler Did It (14 April 1944)

show 154 - Aug 28-Sept 3, 2006 - Bizarre comedy from Neil Hamburger, Morgan Murphy, David Cross

Neil Hamburger - Live at the Middle East 08/25/06
Neil Hamburger - (Write My) Name on the Toilet
Neil Hamburger - Live at the Middle East (continued)
Neil Hamburger - 5 minute Sample from "Laugh Out Lord" (Dying & Drag City Records, 
  Almost Startling Really / He Wasn't One, Shoulder Trouble & Falling Merchandise, 
  New Album & a Timeless Politcal Rant, etc.)
Neil Hamburger - Rock and Roll
Morgan Murphy - Jimmy Kimmel Live clip (2)
Crank Yankers - Featuring Morgan Murphy
David Cross - A Night with Harlow [Diarrhea Moustache]
Frank Zappa - sample from '200 Motels' (Satan convincing Jeff Elixir to quit the band)
The Residents - My Work Is So Behind

show 153 - Aug 21-27, 2006 - The final chapter of "River of Crime", and introducing Bob Zany

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Xmas Cookies
Mad Tv - featuring Bob Newhart
Ned And Manson - Golf Course
Patton Oswalt - The Winning Team
Patton Oswalt - Two More Sips
Patton Oswalt - Liquor Everywhere
Ned And Manson - Cartoon Jews
Bob Zany - Busy Day
Bob Zany - I Just Can't Win Bay Bee
Bob Zany - 350 Pounds
The Residents - River of Crime Episode 5: Termites From Formosa!
The Electric Company - Lick a Lolly

show 152 - Aug 14-20, 2006 - Continuation of "River of Crime", Eddie Izzard on Dogs & Cats

Todd Barry - Watermelon
Eddie Izzard - Cats and Dogs [Unrepeatable]
Eddie Izzard - Great Escape [Unrepeatable]
Eddie Izzard - Dog Food [Definite Article]
Eddie Izzard - Pavlov's Cats [Definite Article]
Gilbert Gottfried - Prison
Gilbert Gottfried - Sheep
Gilbert Gottfried - Dad Catches Son
The Residents - River of Crime Episode 3 - Misdelivered Mummy!
The Residents - River of Crime Episode 4 - The Beards!

show 151 - Aug 7-13, 2006 - Preview of "River of Crime", from The Residents

All In The Family - God Is Black
Bob & Doug McKenzie - Peter's Donuts
George Carlin - Get The Fuck Oot
Lewis Black - We Don't Know What We Are Doing Anymore (New Orleans, Information)
The Residents - River of Crime Episode 1 - The Kid Who Collected Crimes!
The Residents - River of Crime Episode 2 - Gator Hater!

show 150 - July 31-Aug 6, 2006 - BEST OF BLASPHEMY #5!

Doug Stanhope - Fuck Your God
Gilbert Gottfried - Confession
Cheech and Chong - Streets Of New York Or Los Angeles Or San Francisco Or...
Doug Stanhope - Ants
George Carlin - Special Dispensation (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Limbo)
Eddie Izzard - Religion [From "Unrepeatable"]
Redd Foxx - Bible Love
Damage Control Comedy Crew - Holy Crap
Damage Control Comedy Crew - Testiment Testimonial
Daily Show - 10 Commandments
George Carlin - It Came From Out of the Sky
All In The Family - Why God Made Hands
Eddie Izzard - Jesus and the Dinosaurs
George Carlin - The Continuing Story of Mary and Joseph
Redd Foxx - Preachin'
Sam Kinison - Devil
Frantics - Satan's Choice Game Show (#12, 3/5/82)

show 149 - July 24-30, 2006 - The Top 1% Exceptions Show

John Valby - Father Pedophilia
Doug Stanhope - Lucky In Love
Doug Stanhope - Stuff I Should Have Edited Out But Didn't / Eeewwww!
Doug Stanhope - The Upside Of Sexual Abuse
Eddie Murphy - Half
Eddie Murphy - Pussy Control/Zebra Bitch
Eddie Murphy - Pussy Traps
John Valby - Who Gives A Fuck [American Troubadour version]
John Valby - American Pie 
John Valby - Ob-la-Di [from Greatest Tits]
Tonight Show - Jaywalking [Americana, Graduation Day]
Tonight Show - Jaywalking [First Things First]
Tonight Show - Jaywalking [Book Smarts]

[Due to a technical issue, show #148 is repeated for a second week]

show 148 - July 10-16, 2006 - Dedication to Doodles Weaver, plus Bobcat
  Goldthwait, David Cross, Neil Hamburger

Neil Hamburger - Blood Pizza
Neil Hamburger - A Special Request
Bobcat Goldthwait - David Crosby's Sperm, And Why The Hollywood Squares Downsized Me
Bobcat Goldthwait - If You're Ever On A Talk Show, Don't Set It On Fire
David Cross - CES Convention
David Cross - James Lipton
Spike Jones - The Man On The Flying Trapeze
Spike Jones - William Tell Overture
Spike Jones - Dance Of The Hours
Doodles Weaver - Eleanor Rigby
Spike Jones - Pootwattle Cigarettes
Doodles Weaver - Home on the Range
Doodles Weaver - Horse Race
George Carlin - Muhammad Ali, America The Beautiful

show 147 - July 3-9, 2006 - Dedication to Snakefinger, plus 4th of July Humor

George Carlin - Bullshit [part 1 of the The Bovine Feces Trilogy, from 'Napalm & Silly Putty']
Beavis and Butthead - Our Fouding Losers [excerpt]
Bob Newhart - A Private in Washington's Army
Beavis and Butthead - Our Fouding Losers [excerpt]
Eddie Izzard - British Bad Guys [D2K DVD]
George Carlin - No Complaining About Politicians [Napalm & Silly Putty]
David Cross - September 11 Fetish ('My Wife's Crazy!')
Alice Cooper - I Love America 
Snakefinger - Picnic in the Jungle
Snakefinger - Smelly Tongues
Snakefinger - The Man in the Dark Sedan
The Residents - King Kong [edit]
The Residents - The Ship's a Goin' Down / The New Machine / Tournequet 
  of Roses [live medley from 13th Anniversary in Tokyo]
Snakefinger - There's No Justice In Life [live]

show 146 - June 26-July 2, 2006 - The Legendary Lenny Bruce!  Plus
George Carlin book readings, Mitch Hedberg

George Carlin - A Moment of Silence [Carlin on Campus version]
The Daily Show - 10 Commandments
Gilbert Gottfried - BJ Please
Gilbert Gottfried - Arnless and Legless
Gilbert Gottfried - Three Salesmen
Mitch Hedberg - This CD Is In Stores
George Carlin - Readings from "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork 
   Chops?" [Who, Me? Hate?; Jacko Beats Them All; Let's Get Real, Here;
   We Just Wanna Watch; Keep America Clean; Uncle Sam Wants You; Too 
   Many People; An L.A. Street Problem]
Weird Al Yankovic - Dog Eat Dog
Mitch Hedberg -  Beret
Mitch Hedberg - My Necklace
Mitch Hedberg - Acting
Lenny Bruce - White Collar Drunks
Lenny Bruce - The Defiant Ones
Lenny Bruce - The Steve Allen Show

show 145 - June 19-25, 2006 - Archie Bunker makes his
Devil's Mischief debut.

All In The Family - Why God Made Hands
Cheech and Chong - Rebuttal: Speaker Ashley Roachclip
All In The Family - Transplants
All In The Family - No Ribs
George Carlin - The Suicide Guy
Cheech and Chong - The Bust
George Carlin - Fourth Leftfielders
Doug Stanhope - To Tell You The Truth
Doug Stanhope - Potty Mouth
Doug Stanhope - The Beautiful People
Lewis Black - Terry Schiavo
Lewis Black - Dead President
Monty Python - Oliver Cromwell

show 144 - June 12-18, 2006 - A GROSS of Satanists!  Dedicated "in jokes" to those I met in L.A.

Cheech and Chong - Streets Of New York Or Los Angeles Or San Francisco Or...
David Cross - Los Angeles ('Phone Call From A Cranky Terrorist')
Bill Hicks - Goodbye You Lizard Scum / Step on the Gas [Arizona Bay]
Eddie Izzard - Bilingual Encore [Dressed to Kill (D2K) DVD version)
Tom Lehrer - I Wanna Go Back To Dixie
Bill Cosby - Buck, Buck
Bill Cosby - Planes
George Carlin - Airline Announcements

show 143 - June 5-11, 2006 - The DEVIL Episode!  In honor of "06/06/06": RFS's 6th Anniversary!

Rowan Atkinson - The Devil (live in Belfast)
Sam Kinison - Devil
Alice Cooper - Give the Kid a Break
David Cross - John Ashcroft ("Abortion Doctor from Hell!")
Frantics - Satan's Choice Game Show (from ep #12, Mar 5 1982)
Mr. Show - Hail Satan Network
South Park - Damien (with narrations by Bill M.)
The Residents - Devil In Disguise

show 142 - May 29-June 4, 2006 - PATTON OSWALT Special!

Patton Oswalt - 1997 HBO Special
Patton Oswalt - Patton vs Alcohol vs Zach vs Patton

show 141 - May 22-28, 2006 - Eddie Izzard, David Cross, Damage Control 
takes on The Da Vinci code, Residents do Hank Williams
Damage Control - Holy Crap
Damage Control - Testiment Testimonial
Damage Control - The DaVinci Commode
Eddie Izzard - Religion [From "Unrepeatable"]
Ned And Manson - Slaves
Ned And Manson - Cannibus Club
David Cross - Hightimes Magazine
David Cross - David's Food Services
Lewis Black - That's Fucked Up
Lewis Black - The Real Problem Is Gay Marriage
Lewis Black - Rick Santorium Idiot
The Residents - Hey Good Lookin'
The Residents - Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)
The Residents - Kawliga

show 140 - May 15-21, 2006 - BANANA II: THE 'NANER STRIKES BACK!

The Banana I Medley
Carlos Borzenie, Sr. - My Wife Left Town With A Banana
Doug Stanhope - The Banana Lady [Sicko CD version, edit]
Satanism Today (Rev. David Harris) - Bananaphone Request
Raffi - Banana Phone (high pitch version)
Louis Prima - Yes! We Have No Bananas
Eddie Cantor - I've Got The Yes We Have No Banana Blues
Eddie Izzard - Squeezy Squeezy Things [excerpt]
Peter Sellers - Boiled Bananas and Carrots (Boiled Beef and Carrots)
Louis Prima - Banana Split for my Baby
Tracy Williams - Strawberries, Bananas and a Little Whipped Cream
The Great Banana II Medley (Including The Singing Kettle: "Buy Me a Banana",
  Allie Jo Thomas: "Bananas", Eric Idle: "The Banana Song", 
  Orange Sherbert: "Banana Splits", Peetie Wheatstraw - "Banana Man",
  Heaven's Sake Kids featuring Bill M. - "Banana Fanana Song",
  TRR (SB) - Banana Praise, Rhonda Vincent - 
  "Bananaphone", Furious George - "Bananas")
The Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana Peels (live)
Alvin & The Chipmunks - Japanese Banana [Patton Oswalt Style]

show139 - May 8-14, 2006 - New Lewis Black, Marx Brothers, Boyd Rice

David Cross - Catholic Church ["My Daughter's First Date"]
Boyd Rice - Pranks
Rod MacDonald - The Aliens Came In Business Suits
Lewis Black - Congressional Correspondents Dinner
Lewis Black - Mom And Pop And Paul
The Marx Brothers - Misc. Dialogue from "Monkey Business"
The Marx Brothers - Titre from "Animal crackers"

show 138 - May 1-7, 2006 - 3rd Anniversary Special!!!

In celebration of 3 years, I dug deep into the DM vaults to 
look for personal favorites I've only played once before,
a few others that I played more than once yet still deserved 
to be played again, and even some clips NEVER played on
The Devil's Mischief before!

Introduction by Satan Bear
Eddie Izzard - Jesus and Man
Sam Kinison - World Hunger
Opie and Anthony - Butt Plug
George Carlin - Preface [Brain Droppings Introduction]
George Carlin - How to Handle a Heckler
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog - You Have To Work Blue [edit]
Spike Jones - Cocktails For Two
Tom Lehrer - The Masochism Tango [orchestra]
David Cross - 7 Promises of a Promise Keeper [edit]
John Trubee - A Blind Man's Penis, with interview [edit]

show 137 - April 24-30, 2006 - Eddie Izzard, Lewis Black, Doug Stanhope

Eddie Izzard - Jesus and the Dinosaurs
Eddie Izzard - The Awesome Universe
Lewis Black - Small Pox
Lewis Black - "Greed"
Lewis Black - Who's Fucking Who
Doug Stanhope - DUI & MADD
Doug Stanhope - Hair in my Food
Doug Stanhope - Get Off the Field You Suck
Eddie Izzard - Starship Enterprise

show 136 - April 16-23, 2006 - LOST BILL HICKS RECORDING!

An abridged version of the recently unearthed historic 
Bill Hicks bootleg, "The Lost Hour" (10/3/94), recorded
two days after his cancellation from Letterman's show.

show 135 - April 10-16, 2006 -  REDD FOXX special

Redd Foxx - Redd 75 (Preachin' (1), Relaxing, Reincarnation,
  Bible Love, Biscuits & Sardines)
Redd Foxx - Live At The Apollo, Part 1
Redd Foxx - Redd 75 [continued] (Costume Party, Found Money,
  Speakin' Dog /The Great Depression [edit], Ugly On Bus,
  Miracle on the Links, Samsonite Wedding, Family Matters,
  War Stories, Ugliness)
Redd Foxx - Live At The Apollo, Part 2

show 134 - April 3-9, 2006 - Doug Stanhope, George Carlin, Pat Boone

Doug Stanhope - Ants
Doug Stanhope - School Shootings
Doug Stanhope - Cowards
Doug Stanhope - Dead Sport / Behind The Comedy
Onion Radio News - Quality of Stabbings Down 50%
Pat Boone - Enter Sandman
George Carlin - Pyramid Of The Hopeless
George Carlin - Autoerotic Asphyxia
George Carlin - New York Voices
Pat Boone - Panama
Pat Boone - You've Got Another Thing Comin'

show 133 - March 27-April 2, 2006 - MITCH HEDBERG special!

Mitch Hedberg - Sandwiches
Howard Stern - starring Mitch Hedberg (Oct 12, 2004)
Mitch Hedberg - Not Track Five, Not Chainsaw Juggler
Howard Stern - (continued)
Crank Yankers - Mitch Hedberg
Bob Rivers - Interview with Mitch Hedberg (#1)
Mitch Hedberg - Smackie the Frog
Mitch Hedberg - Frogs and Bears
Howard Stern - starring Mitch Hedberg (March 17, 2005)
Comedy Speak - Interview with Mitch Hedberg (unknown date)

show 132 - March 20-26, 2006 - Introducing Doug Stanhope, plus
  Mitch Hedberg, vintage George Carlin, more Bobcat Goldthwait

Doug Stanhope - Fuck Your God / Try Sodomy / Pro-Abortion
George Carlin - What Time Is It (1978)
Mitch Hedberg - Pancakes / Dry Clean Only / Gambling
Mitch Hedberg - Bed And Breakfast
Bobcat Goldthwait - Fabio And The Suicidal Goose
Bobcat Goldthwait - Beaten By The Police
Bobcat Goldthwait - Alcoholic Clowns And Katie Couric, Screech's Huge Cock,
 And Granny Porn
Ivor Biggun - My Brother's Got Piles

show 131 - March 13-19, 2006 - St. Patrick's Day Episode

Denis Leary - Traditional Irish Folk Song
Denis Leary - Asshole of the Dance
George Carlin - excerpts from Napalm & Silly Putty (Irish Weddings,
  Fake Irish Pubs, Ethnic-wise)
Hal Roach - The Best of Irish Humour [abridged]
SNL - Luck of the Irish
Purging Talon - "They Were Canadian, Phil, Not Irish"

show 130 - March 6-12, 2006 - Tribute to Don Knotts, plus Neil Hamburger (for the 
Hellbound Sound), Patton Oswalt, Bobcat Goldthwait

Don Knotts - The Sportscaster
Don Knotts - The Weatherman
Don Knotts - Medical Convention
Patton Oswalt - Steak
Patton Oswalt - Tivo
Patton Oswalt - Stella D'oro
Neil Hamburger - I'm In Your Band
Neil Hamburger - Graduate of Yaoo
Neil Hamburger - Pickle Potato
Bobcat Goldthwait - Johnny Depp And The Electric Razor Ad
Bobcat Goldthwait - I Love Dick
Bobcat Goldthwait - Jack And Bobby In Hell, Alan Thicke, Polar Bear, And Chris Reeve
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I'm Lonely

show 129 - Feb 27-Mar 5, 2006 - Bill's Birthday!

Billy and Ryan - Penis for a Pencil
Bill M. - K.R.A.P. Radio
Bill M. - Gummybum, Fumblebum
The Dirty Dicks - I'm Your Father (I Fucked Your Mother)
Morning Tapes - Bum #3
The Dirty Dicks - Sex [edit]
Billy and Ryan - Doodleido
The Dirty Dicks - Eat Shit and Die, Snobulous Slobbagus,
  Marijuana [edit], Talking n Shit, Pervert [edit], The 
  Serious Song, Who Cares, Dirty Dicks, My Toilet
Morning Tapes - Hippie Crap, Du Hast, I Kant Spel, Your Free
  Bum Vacation Guide, Larry the Drooling Lampray, Whacky
  Menstrual Cramps, Alfred Hitchcock Haunts Denny's, 
  Smelly Afro Folk Lady
The Dirty Dicks - Offensive Song, Burp, Fart, Fuck You, Closing [edit]
Billy and Ryan - Bad Boys [edit], Halfway There, Pop Horror 1, Discography 1,
  RT2 Intro [remix], Discography 2, The Warrior, Aduh Sounds,
  Pop Horror 2 
Weird Al Yankovic - The Happy Birthday Song
The Residents - Birthday Boy
Billy and Ryan - Retarded Bed

show 128 - Feb 20-26, 2006 - New George Carlin, Lisa Lampanelli, Gilbert Gottfried / Aristocrats

George Carlin - Extreme Human Behavior [edit]
George Carlin - The All-Suicide TV Channel 
George Carlin - Dumb Americans
Gilbert Gottfried - Dead Hooker
Lisa Lampanelli - Intro, Hector, My Parents & Soccer Moms
Lisa Lampanelli - Take It Like A Man
Lisa Lampanelli - The Train To Brown Town
Gilbert Gottfried - Drunk Puke
Gilbert Gottfried - The Aristocrats
The Residents - Lizard Lady

show 127 - Feb 13-19, 2006 - The 2006 Anti-Valentine's Episode

Mr. Show - Week-Long Romance (Jill and Bob Break Up)
Steve Martin - One Way To Leave Your Lover
Bill Hicks - You Can't Get Bitter [LLT]
Matt and Pat - Valentine's Day
Denis Leary - My Kids (wife excerpt)
Bill Cosby - Are You Married? / Obey
Sam Kinison - Relationships
Sam Kinison - Love Song
Dead Alewives - Captain Jerk Valentines Day Special
Eddie Murphy - Skeleton In Closet
National Lampoon - Love Birds, Flashanova
Henny Youngman - Take My Wife Please [long version, part 1]
Steve Martin - How To Meet A Girl
Tom Lehrer - She's My Girl [live]
Weird Al Yankovic - One More Minute

show 126 - Feb 6-12, 2006 - BEST OF BLASPHEMY #4!!!

South Park - Excerpts from "Do The Handicapped Go To 
  Hell?" (communion, confession)
National Lampoon - Confession
South Park - more excerpts from "Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?"
George Carlin - I Used To Be Irish Catholic
Onion Radio News - Mother Teresa Goes to Hell
George Carlin - Heavy Mysteries
Cheech And Chong - The Pope: Live At The Vatican
Richard Pryor - Exorcist
Redd Foxx - Party Jokes [preacher]
Sam Kinison - RoboPope
Sam Kinison - Mother Mary's Mystery Date
National Lampoon - Godspeak Suite (Porkbucket Palace,
  Godspeak, My Bod is For God)
Sgt. Hartman calls a Xtian
South Park - Excerpt from "Red Hot Catholic Love"
National Lampoon - What Is God?
Sam Kinison - The Story of Jim (Bakker)
Frantics - Worshippers 'R' Us
Eddie Murphy - Moses
David Cross - Dating Handbook [exerpt]
Lewis Black - International Travel [excerpt]
Onion Radio News - hippie jesus
Foamy the Squirrel - Passion of the Zombies
Onion Radio News - New Salvation Gel

show 125 - Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2006 - Improv from David Cross,
	classic Steve Martin, Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried - Confession
Steve Martin - Born To Be Wild
Steve Martin - Jackie O. and Farrah F
Steve Martin - Googlephonics
Todd Barry - "Invite Them Up" performance
Gilbert Gottfried - Bank Account
David Cross with John Benjamin - "Invite Them Up" performance
Eugene Merman - "Invite Them Up" performance (#2) 
Gilbert Gottfried - Bear & Rabbit

show 124 - Jan 23-29, 2006 - More Carlin readings, Steven Wright, 
Robert Schimmel

Steven Wright - Winny / Apt / Babies and Skiing
Robert Schimmel - The Gym
Barnes & Barnes - Boogie Woogie Amputee
Robert Schimmel - Fart and Shit Jokes
George Carlin - more excerpts from "When Will Jesus Bring The
    Pork Chops?" (Tired of the Hani-Crap; Tips for Serial Killers;
    Wall Street Journal; Crippled, Ugly, and Stupid; Bits and
    Pieces [p50-55]; Location, Location, Location)

show 123 - Jan 16-22, 2006 - Easy as 1-2-3

Bill Hicks - We Live In A World [from 'Dangerous']
Bill Hicks - Burning Issues [from 'Dangerous']
Bill Hicks - My Parents [from 'Dangerous']
Woody Allen - NYU
Woody Allen - A Love Story
George Carlin - excerpts from "When Will Jesus Bring The
    Pork Chops?" (introductions, A Modern Man, Euphemisms,
    Stiff Upper Lip You Know, Eye Blaster, Hand Me My Purse,
    Remember Your Uncle John, Count the Superfluous Redundant
    Pleonastic Tautologies, The Control Freaks, They Came From
    Out of the Sky, Filthy Dirty News, That's the Spirit, 
    Guys Called Junior, Free Breast Examinations, It's a Female
    Problem, Smooth Flight, If Looks Could Kill, The Continuing
    Story of Mary & Joseph)

show 122 - Jan 9-15, 2006 - The OUTER SPACE Episode!

South Park - Starvin Marvin in Space (abridged)
South Park - I Am Chewbacca
Barnes and Barnes - I Had Sex with E.T.
Eddie Murphy - Lost in Space
Opie and Anthony - Dr. Smith
Eddie Izzard - One Step For Man
Opie and Anthony - Captain Kirk
The Firm - Star Trekkin'
George Carlin - NASA-Holes
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from
  a Planet Near Mars
McKenzie Brothers - Black Hole
Sample from "Men In Black" - People are Dumb
Alice Cooper - I'm Flash
Alice Cooper - No Baloney Homosapiens
Alice Cooper - Space Pirates
The Residents - Daydream In Space (short version)

show 121 - Jan 2-8, 2006 - George Carlin's list, Mitch Hedberg, Rowan Atkinson

Zladko 'Zlad' Vladcik - I Am The Antipope
Onion Radio News - NRA President Charles Heston a Hebrew
George Carlin - Opening Sequences [Carlin on Campus CD]
George Carlin - Breakfast Wine and Who's Boss
George Carlin - An Incomplete List of Impolite Words  [Carlin on Campus CD]
Mitch Hedberg - Minibar
Onion Radio News - Killing Age Lowered
Mitch Hedberg - Sesame Seeds
Mitch Hedberg - Three Easy Payments
Mitch Hedberg - Arrows
Cheech And Chong - Cruisin With Pedro De Pacas
Cheech And Chong - Waiting For Dave
Rowan Atkinosn - Joke
Rowan Atkinosn - Impatient Man In queue Behind Student
Tom Lehrer - Be Prepared (live)
Tom Lehrer - Bright College Days (live)
The Residents - Mr. Skull's New Year's Eve Song

show 120 - Dec 26, 2005-Jan 1,2006 - Dedication to Richard Pryor.  In Limbo?

Richard Pryor - Life / Death
Richard Pryor - My Funeral
Richard Pryor - Black Funerals
[news article: Vatican reexamines "limbo"!]
George Carlin - Special Dispensation: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory And Limbo
Onion Radio News - Killing Age Lowered
Patton Oswalt - The World's Most Amazing Father
Patton Oswalt - I Hate Hippies
Todd Barry - Potheads
Dead Alewives - Answering Machine
Dead Alewives - Dungeons & Dragons Part I
Patton Oswalt - Facts About Midgets
Todd Barry - Alumni
Denis Leary - Deaf Mute Cocktail Party
Dead Alewives - Dungeons & Dragons Part II
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Janitor
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Dolphin Boy
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Diet Riot

show 119 - Dec 19-25, 2005 - The 2005 Holiday Special, Part 2 of 2

Denis Leary - Merry Fuckin' Xmas (live version)
Arrogant Worms - The Christmas Song
Frantics - Third Christmas Show (076, 1983) [Revenge of Saint Nick,
  Cabbage Patch Dolls Child Abuse Investigation, Bill from Bala as Santa,
  Revenge of Saint Nick #2, Seeking Donations for the Red Cross at the 
  Dinner Table, Xmas Theatre, Lonely Guy Wandering the Streets Looking
  for Love, Revenge of Saint Nick #3, The Elves' Revenge, 'Leonard Cohen'
  sings "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"] 
Frantics - The High School Christmas Dance (099, 1984) [Suicide Watch,
  Manfred's Irradiated Chili, Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Wrinkles Potato Chips,
  Hugh Asks Loretta To the Dance, If You Drink Don't Dance, Hugh Tries
  to Asks His Father for the Car, Xmas In My Village, Xmas Isn't Much Fun
  in Nastyville, Mrs. Sarnicky Tries Wilbur's Fish Sticks Hugh Reporting
  to the Guys About His Date, All I Want for Xmas is 100,000 Bucks]
Richard Pryor - New Years Eve

show 118 - Dec 12-18, 2005 - The 2005 Holiday Special, Part 1 of 2

Denis Leary - Merry Fuckin' Xmas
Tom Lehrer -  A Christmas Carol (live)
The Frantics - The Merry Xmas Show (1981) [Name That Prune Game Show,
   Manfred's Season's Greetings, How Much Is That Doggy In The Window,
   Office Xmas Party with Vladimir Naborikov, God's American Excess Card,
   Longette Watch, Sammy The Elephant Xmas Show, Gift-Giving at the P.O.]
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Xmas Dreams
The Frantics - Second Christmas Special (1982) [Philip Shaver /
   God Shave Our Gracious Queen, Moses Brings the Commandments Back
   to God, Last Minute Christmas Shopping / Finding a Sales-Clerk, 
   Mr. Safety's Tips, Diamonds, I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus, 
   Decliners, The Reformed Scrooge, The Ibsen Doll House]
The Residents - Santa Dog '88

show 117 - Dec 5-11, 2005 - The 2005 David Cross Special!

David Cross - excerpts from 'The Pride Is Back' (Virgin Mary, Millenium,
  Footprints, The Crucifixion, Water to Wine, Dr. Kevorkian)
David Cross - September 11 Fetish [SUYFB]
David Cross - More on the September 11 Fetish
David Cross - Violence in the media
NPR Interview with David Cross (2002)
Mr. Show - Blind Love
Mr. Show - Emergency Psychic Hotline
Mr. Show - Talk Show Castaways

show 116 - Nov 28-Dec 4, 2005 - 1/2 Hour of Bill Hicks!

Foamy the Squirrel - Passion of the Zombies
Ned And Manson - Zoo Sex
George Carlin - Second Leftfielders
Bill Cosby - The Invention of Basketball
South Park - Kyle's Mom's a Bitch
Ned And Manson - Barbie
Bill Hicks - Intro, Smokers Vs Drinkers [Love Laughter and Truth]
Bill Hicks - Drunk Driving [Love Laughter and Truth]
Bill Hicks - I Love My Job [[edit] from 'Dangerous']
Bill Hicks - Please Do Not Disturb [from 'Dangerous']
George Carlin - Third Leftfielders
Ned and Manson - Whats Up With That Shit

show 115 - Nov 21-27, 2005 - Thanksgiving Special!

George Carlin - Opening [excerpt]
Eddie Izzard - Strategic Sheep [Plymouth excerpt, d2k DVD]
South Park - Can Drive(1) from "Weightgain 4000"
Abbott & Costello - Thanksgiving Day (11/21/44)
Amos & Andy - Turkey Trouble (11/19/43)
Firesign Theatre - Temporarily Humbolt County

show 114 - Nov 14-20, 2005 - Redd Foxx, Robert Schimmel, Carlin's driving

Redd Foxx - Party Jokes [preacher, part 1]
Robert Schimmel - Sperm Bank
Robert Schimmel - America Online
Redd Foxx - Party Jokes [part 2]
Bill Cosby - Bill Visits Ray Charles
Eddie Izzard - Strategic Sheep [excerpt, d2k DVD]
George Carlin - First Leftfielders
George Carlin - Cars and Driving
The Residents - Freak Show Concentrate

show 113 - Nov 7-13, 2005 - Crawlspace Brothers, new George Carlin, Lewis Black

Sam Kinison - Mother Mary's Mystery Date
Patton Oswalt - America, The Retarded Trust Fund Kid
Patton Oswalt - A Blowjob Behind The Tilt-A-Whirl
Patton Oswalt - Come On Apocalypse
George Carlin - News (from 'On The Road')
George Carlin - Nitwits and Assholes
George Carlin - Malls and Education
George Carlin - The Big Club (cut off)
Lewis Black - Bringing Democracy To Iraq
Lewis Black - The War In Iraq
Lewis Black - A Sense Of Humor
The World Famous Crawlspace Bros - Eddie's Got a Lot to Do (Ed Gein)
The World Famous Crawlspace Bros - Jeffrey Says (Dahmar)
The World Famous Crawlspace Bros - John Wayne Gacy
The World Famous Crawlspace Bros - Unabomber
Foamy the Squirrel - Drugs In Your Head

show112 - Oct 31-Nov 6, 2005 - Tod Barry, Patton Oswalt, Frantics, George Carlin

National Lampoon - Godspeak Suite (Porkbucket Palace [edit] / My 
   Bod is For God)
Bobcat Goldthwait - Operation 51st State
Todd Barry - Band Manager, New Wilco Album
Todd Barry - Two Drummers
Todd Barry - BB King Blues Bar
Patton Oswalt - Toronto Open Mic
Patton Oswalt - Tom Carvel
Patton Oswalt - The Magic Of Oil Painting
George Carlin - The Primitive Seargent [Brain Droppings book/caveman version]
George Carlin - Short Takes [Brain Droppings d02t03]
The Frantics - Samples from the episode "What If Cheese Could Fly" 
   (Reporting a Crime, Banned Books, What If Cheese Could Fly, Fall 
    CBC TV line up, We're The People Inside Your Walls)
George Carlin - Moths and Lights [Brain Droppings]
The Residents - This is a Man's World

show111 - Oct 24-30, 2005 - The 2005 Halloween Episode 

Richard Pryor - Exorcist [edit]
Richard Pryor - Wino Dealing With Dracula
The Frantics - Mr Safety's Tips for a Safe Halloween
The Frantics - ET Trick or Treaters
Rodney Dangerfield - Halloween
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Hear Voices
Eddie Izzard - Horror Movies
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Alligator Wine (live) [edit]
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell on You (live)
The Frantics - It's a Funny World with Alan Smith
Alice Cooper - Black Juju
Alice Cooper - Years Ago / Steven / The Awakening

show110 - Oct 17-23, 2005 - Pre-Halloween Celebration!  Plus Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks

Sam Kinison - The Story of Jim (Bakker) [edit]
Sam Kinison - Rock Against Drugs
Bill Hicks - Rockers Against Drugs Suck [Relentless version]
Bill Hicks - Smoking [Flying Saucer version]
Bill Hicks - Yul Brynner [Flying Saucer version]
Bill Hicks - Trying To Quit [Flying Saucer version]
Richard Pryor - Frankenstein
Alice Cooper - Devil's Food / The Black Widow
Alice Cooper - Former Lee Warmer
The Electric Hellfire Club - Halloween Medley
Alice Cooper - Fresh Blood

show109 - Oct 10-16, 2005 - Lewis Black, Eddie Izzard, Patton Oswalt

Lewis Black - International Travel
Eddie Izzard - James Bond
Patton Oswalt - Piss Drinkers
Lewis Black - Ireland And Health
Patton Oswalt - A Brief History Of Shitty Comedy
Patton Oswalt - The Poetry Of Pornography
Lewis Black - Health Clubs
Eddie Izzard - Squeezy Squeezy Things
The Residents - Amber

show108 - Oct 3-9, 2005 - Third Reich 'N Roll!

In celebration of the re-release of The Third Reich 'N Roll,
the third album from THE RESIDENTS.

Eddie Izzard - History [from the DVD version of "Dressed to Kill"]
Eddie Izzard - Royal Genetics [from the DVD version of "Dressed to Kill"]
The Residents - Swastikas On Parade
The Residents - Hitler Was A Vegetarian
Onion Radio News - Jews ordered back to Eygpt

show107 - Sept 26-Oct2, 2005 - Sam Kinison, George Carlin, Steven Wright, Bill Cosby

Sam Kinison - RoboPope
Sam Kinison - Buddies
Sam Kinison - The Butt and the Bible
Steven Wright - Cross Country
Steven Wright - Jiggs Casey
George Carlin - Wasted Time-Sharing A Swallow
Bill Cosby - Animal Stories
George Carlin - If I Were In Charge of the Networks (1-2) [from 'Brain Droppings']
George Carlin - Values (How Much Is That Dog Crap In The Window?)
George Carlin - Monopoly
Sam Kinison - Love Song
The Residents - He Also Serves

show106 - Featuring Select PSYCHOEXGIRLFRIEND.COM calls - Sept 19-25, 2005

David Cross - Dating Handbook [excerpt] Calls (Feb 3, 2001- 9:09,9:12,9:15,9:29pm)
David Cross - Dating Handbook [excerpt] Calls (Feb 7, 2001- 8:39,9:34,9:40,9:41,9:53,9:57pm)
Spike Jones - You Always Hurt The One You Love [excerpt] Calls (Feb 7, 2001 - 10:08,10:19,10:23pm)
Sam Kinison - Relationships [edit] (1) Call (Feb 7, 2001 - 10:25pm)
Spike Jones - You Always Hurt The One You Love [continued] Call (Feb 7, 2001 - 10:28pm)
Chico Marx - Everyone Says I Love You Call (Feb 7, 2001 - 10:39pm)
Groucho Marx - Everyone Says I Love You Calls (Feb 7, 2001- 10:42,10:46,10:54,10:56pm)
South Park - I Can Change Calls (Feb 7-8, 2001- 11:05pm[edit],12:06am,12:07,12:12)
Tom Lehrer - When You Are Old and Gray Calls (Feb 8, 2001 - 12:15am, 12:25)
Sam Kinison - Relationships [excerpt - Breaking Up] Calls (Feb 8, 2001 - 12:33am, 8:12am)
Steve Martin - One Way To Leave Your Lover

show105 - The CELEBRITY PRANK CALL Episode! - Sept 12-18, 2005

Sgt. Hartman calls a Xtian Radio Show
Arnold calls The GatorLodge
Arnold calls Gateway
Joe Pesci calls Discount Tire shop
Opie & Anthony - Raquel Welch
Dead Ringers - Ben Kenobi books a hotel room
Chris Farley call #2
Arnold calls the Realty
Samuel Jackson call #1
Al Pacino Calls The Cracker Barrel #2
Joe Pesci calls about Money
Al Pacino calls the Limo Guy
Ozzy Osbourne calls JCrew
Mr Burns call #3
Mr Burns call #4
Robert Deniro - Parents #1
Arnold calls Hooters
Opie and Anthony - Reagan
Robert Deniro call #6
Dead Ringers - Yoda
Jerry Lewis (1) - Bill Lynch
Jerry Lewis (5) - Record Shop
Jerry Lewis (3) - Turner's Drugs
Tom Cruise call #8
Dead Ringers - The Doctor calls the real Tom Baker
Mr Burns call #2
Al Pacino calls Stuckey Bros
Sgt. Hartman calls a Convenience Store
Arnold is busted
Sam Kinison - Phone Call From Hell

show104 - The Aristrocrats, George Carlin news & exclusive - Sept 5-11, 2005

South Park - excerpt from "Red Hot Catholic Love"
Trailer for "The Aristocrats"
Onion Radio News - Richard Simmon's Is Fighting For Life In Estorgen Tent
Samples from "The Aristocrats" (1)
Lewis Black - Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan
Steven Wright - Book Store
Samples from "The Aristocrats" (2)
Robin Williams - Marijuana
Robin Williams - Cocaine
Samples from "The Aristocrats" (3)
George Carlin - Savage Humans without Electricity
George Carlin - Pyramid of the Hopeless
George Carlin - Natural Disasters (The Underdog; Tornadoes and Hurricanes;
  Earthquakes; Famine, Asteroids, Forest Fires; Floods; the Great Disaster)

show103 - Bill Cosby, Eddie Izzard, leftover blues, etc. - Aug 29-Sept 4, 2005

National Lampoon - Godspeak Suite: Godspeak
Onion Radio News - Lucky Dead Student Gets Own Page In Year Book
Bill Cosby - Slow Class
Eddie Izzard - Engelbert Humperdink [DVD version]
Eddie Izzard - Ich bin ein Berliner [DVD version]
Eddie Izzard - On The Moon [DVD version]
Weird Al - Since You've Been Gone
David Cross - Intro
David Cross - Raising Kids Amish
Weird Al - Amish Paradise
Weird Al - Influences
Dr. Demento with The Benny Bell Orchesta - Shaving Cream
Rowan Atkinson - Senator Brea
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Voodoo Priestess
ZZ Top - TV Dinners
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Am The Cool

show102 - Live from the Canadian Dog Show - Aug 22-28, 2005

Denis Leary - Dogsledding
Onion Radio News - Family Dog Suspected of Chuckwagon Dissaster
George Carlin - How's Your Dog
George Carlin - I Love My Dog
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Lick Myself
Eddie Izzard - Scooby Doo
Denis Leary - My Kids (excerpt - Pongo the Dog)
McKenzie Brothers - Welcome to Side Two
Denis Leary - My Kids (Dog out of a Toilet, Home Theatre)
McKenzie Brothers - Doug's Mouth
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Benji's Queer
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Call From Triumph's Son
South Park - Blame Canada
McKenzie Brothers - Ralph The Dog
Bill Cosby - Dogs
Bill's Canadian Vacation Clips

show101 - Ned and Manson, Cheech and Chong, Hack 101 - Aug 15-21, 2005

National Lampoon - What Is God?
National Lampoon - Stereos and Such
Ned And Manson - Golf Course
National Lampoon - For $15,000
George Carlin - Mental Hot Foots
Neil Hamburger - Blood Pizza
Cheech and Chong - Rainbow Bar and Grill
Cheech and Chong - Bloat On
George Carlin - High on the Plane
David Cross - Gibberish
George Carlin - My Uncle
Ned And Manson - Chicken Plucker
Iron Maiden - Black Bart Blues (part 2)
George Carlin - Good Sports
National Lampoon -  What Is God (continued)
Ned And Manson - Vlasic Pickle
Neil Hamburger - You're Not Good Enough
The Residents - Blue Rosebuds

EPISODE 100!! - Aug 8-14, 2005

[Episode 100 was celebrated by taking a look back at the 
many "Themed" episodes of the past.  These included
the Drugs episode, the Game Show episode, the Tacky Xmas
special, The Crude Episode, The Coffee Episode, the
Banana episode, the Backmasking episode, the COG episode,
the Politics & Elections episode, the Star Wars Episode,
the Sex episode (#69), the Children's episode, the Food
Episode, plus the specials for Triumph, Rodney Dangerfield, 
and Groucho Marx.]

Cheech and Chong - Let's Make A Dope Deal
Eddie G - Jingle 1 [two days left]
George Carlin - - Red Lights and Tickets
Eddie G - Jingle 2 [better hurry, mic on the door]
South Park - Uncle Fucka
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - You Have To Work Blue
PTP - I'm Just Totally Disgusted
Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison - Torte song
Julie London - Black Coffee (Bill M Remix)
George Carlin - Wurds ['Banana' excerpt]
Bill Hicks - Two Less Gas Station Attendents
COG - Death to the Angel of Death
Bill Hicks - Politics in America
Eddie Izzard - The Future / The Deathstar Canteen
Marx Bros - Lydia The Tattooed Lady
Bill Hicks - Purple Vein Dick Joke
George Carlin - Childhood Cliches and Secret Answers
Denis Leary - Meat
BONUS: Neil Hamburger - Graduate of Yaoo

Repeat of #99 - Aug 1-7

Due to some technical difficulties, there were no 
new shows this week on RFS.  Every program's show from 
the previous week is rerun.

show099 - South Park, Lewis Black, Cheech & Chong, Bill Cosby - July 25-31, 2005

South Park - Communion/Confession (excerpts from episode #410)
Lewis Black - Superbowl Redux
Lewis Black - MTV and Halftime '04
Lewis Black - What Sex -- Are They? [edit]
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Eskimo
Cheech and Chong - Disco Disco
Cheech and Chong - China Town
Ned And Manson - Slaves
National Lampoon - Those Fabulous Sixties
National Lampoon - Magical Misery Tour
Bill Cosby - Fat Albert's Car
Ivor Biggun - Wanking Your Blues Away

show098 - The GAY ESKIMO Episode [what?!?] - July 18-24, 2005

Lewis Black - What Sex are they [excerpt]
Lewis Black - Gay Marriage [edit]
Onion Radio News - Family of Four Saved by Homo
George Carlin - Gay Lib
David Cross - The Gay Voice
Cheech and Chong - Queer Wars
National Lampoon - Gay Alliance
Margaret Cho - Are You Gay?
National Lampoon - Gay Alliance (continued)
Margaret Cho - Are You Gay? (continued)
National Lampoon - Christopher Street
George Carlin - Rape Can Be Funny [excerpt]
Frank Zappa - Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Frank Zappa - Nanook Rubs It
The Residents - Eskimo Concentrate

show097 - The BLUES Episode! - July 11-17, 2005

Weird Al Yankovic - Generic Blues
An interview with Blind Lemon Yankovic
Infectious Grooves - Infectious Blues
Cheech and Chong - Blind Melon Chitlin'
George Carlin - House of Blues
National Lampoon - Well Intentioned Blues
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Ignant And Shit
Iron Maiden - Black Bart Blues [edit]
W.A.S.P - D.B. Blues
Iron Maiden - Nodding Donkey Blues
Read by Bill M. - How To Sing The Blues
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Constipation Blues (90s version)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Furburger [edit]
The Residents - Peace and Love [Going to Arcada Blues] 

show096 - The BANANA Episode! - July 4-10, 2005

Stones Throw - Chiquita Banana
Ned and Banson - Banana
Surf Trio - Banana Splits
Mitch Hedberg - Shaving Too [excerpt]
Art Paul Schlosser - Purple Bananas On The Moon
George Carlin - Feminist Blowjob [excerpt]
Debbie Does Dallas - The Banana Blow
The Dickies - Bana Splits Song
Mitch Hedberg - Sandwiches [excerpt]
Bananas Smell Funny Sonata in G
Sir Mulch Millard - The Definition of the Banana
The Dead Milkmen - Smokin Banana Peels
Carlos Borzenie - My Wife Left Town With A Banana
Johnny Mercer - Top Banana
George Carlin - New York Voices [excerpt]
The Kinks - Banana Boat Song (live, 1972)
Carnival In Coal - Yes! We Have No Bananas.
George Carlin - Wurds [excerpt]
Bo Carter - Banana In Your Fruit Basket
Babaloo Punk Mambo2 - What's in the Banana
Raffi - Banana Phone

show095 - National Lampoon, Dead Alewives, 
The Residents go Classical - June 27-July 3, 2005 

National Lampoon - Confession
Dead Alewives - Ray Bradbury
David Cross - Magic Painting
George Carlin - Some Werds
George Carlin - Urinals Are 50 Percent Universal
Frantics - Last Will and Temperament
National Lampoon - Mr. Roberts #1
Dead Alewives - Iron Man
National Lampoon - Mr. Roberts #2
Dead Alewives - Iron Man [continued]
Dead Alewives - The Date
National Lampoon - Couple At The Door
Ivor Biggun - The Pussy Song
The Residents - Pollex Christi (Abridged)

show094 - Richard Pryor, Neil Hamburger, National Lampoon - June 20-26, 2005

Onion Radio News - New Salvation Gel
George Carlin - Lost And Found
National Lampoon - Dick Ballentine Phone Show #1-3
Richard Pryor - Army Life
Richard Pryor - Nigger With A Seizure
Richard Pryor - Dogs & Horses
Richard Pryor - Keeping In Shape
National Lampoon - I'm a Woman
Neil Hamburger - excerpts from "Left for Dead in Malaysia"
The Residents - The Simple Song

show093 - Lewis Black, Eddie Murphy - June 13-19, 2005

Eddie Murphy - Moses
Eddie Murphy - The Barbecue
Robert Schimmel - Porno Awards, Hollywood Bullshit
Benny Hill - Graffiti
Lewis Black - Coke and Pepsi and The Super Bowl of 2001
Lewis Black - Halftime at the Super Bowl of 2001
Denis Leary - Traditional Irish Drinking Song
Eddie Murphy - Drinking Fathers
Lewis Black - Airport Security
The Residents - Daydream Believer [Welcome back, SB!]

show092 - Jimmy Durante, The Residents' Parade - June 6-12, 2005

Eddie Izzard - Highlights Of History
Eddie Izzard - World War II
Onion Radio News - renaissance
George Carlin - My Daddy
George Carlin - Telephone Mimes
Richard Pryor - Mafia Club
George Carlin - I'm Musical
Mitch Hedberg - X (excerpt)
Jimmy Durante (with Al Jolson - A Real Piano Player
Jimmy Durante (with Bing Crosby) - Sing Soft, Sing Sweet
Jimmy Durante (with Eddie Cantor) - The World Needs New Faces, 
  Start Off Each Day With A Song, If You Knew Susie
The Residents - Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
The Residents - Stars and Stripes Forever
The Residents - The Thunderer

show091 - Tom Lehrer, Robert Schimmel's Heart Attack, George Carlin Request - May 30-June 5, 2005

George Carlin - Why We Don't Need The 10 Commandments
David Cross - High Times Magazine
Tom Lehrer - The Elements [live], She's My Girl [live], The Masochism Tango [live]
Mitch Hedberg - Koalas / Highlights / You Were Good
Cheech And Chong - Welcome To Mexico
Robert Schimmel - Sex And Your Heart Attack!
The Residents - Hit The Road Jack (Remix)

show090 - Bob Goldthwait, Alice Cooper, George Carlin- May 23-29, 2005

Bobcat Goldthwait - Star Wars Fans Are Uber-Nerds
George Carlin - Free-Floating Hostility
Opie and Anthony - Freezer
Alice Cooper - Aspirin Damage
Alice Cooper - Nuclear Infected
George Carlin - Public Affairs
Alice Cooper - Dance Yourself to Death
Bobcat Goldthwait - Hunters Are Gay
Bobcat Goldthwait - Mascot Suicide And Orgasm Impressions
The Residents - Satisfaction

show089 - Bob Newhart, Cheech & Chong, Robert Schimmel - May 16-22, 2005

Onion Radio News -  Mother Teresa Goes to Hell
Robert Schimmel - Sea World, Santa At The Mall, Demi Moore
Robert Schimmel - Rental Car Insurance, Richie Valens' Plane, Airline Security, Dogs
Robert Schimmel - My Daughter [edit]
Bill Hicks - Intro
Bill Hicks - Summertime
Bill Hicks - The F Word
George Carlin - Groups And Charities
Bob Newhart - Bus Drivers School
Bob Newhart - Retirement Party
Cheech And Chong - Acapulco Gold Filters
Cheech And Chong - Vietnam
Cheech And Chong - Emergency Ward
The Residents - Jailhouse Rock

show088 - New album from The Residents - May 9-15, 2005

George Carlin - I Used To Be Irish Catholic
Mitch Hedberg - Saved By The Buoyancy Of Citrus
Mitch Hedberg - Mitch In The S'th 
Mitch Hedberg - X
Bill Hicks - Young Lady
Bill Hicks - Vs. The Audience (1)
Bill Hicks - What's Wrong?
George Carlin - Hello/Goodbye
George Carlin - Love And Regards
The Residents - On The Way (to Oklahoma)
The Residents - Two Lips
The Residents - The Monkey Man
The Residents - Third Reich n' Roll Concentrate

(Oddly enough, "88" is neo-Nazi shorthand for "Heil Hitler",
since the 8th letter of the alphabet is H.  Or so I heard some ex-neo-nazi
say once on an NPR interview.  But I'm not 
a neo-Nazi [I hate people equally],
and the fact that I ended this episode with "Third Reich n' Roll" is 
a coincidence.  An amusing coincidence, though!)

Show087 - 2nd Anniversary Special: Best of Blasphemy #3! - May 2-8, 2005

David Cross - Footprints / Crucifixion
Sam Kinison - Jesus
David Cross - Water Into Wine
Bill Hicks - The Pope / Christianity / Seven Seals
Eddie Izzard - A Play on Nativity
Eddie Izzard - Crazy St. Peter / Swiss Protection
Denis Leary - Fuck The Pope
Little Nicky ("inspiration" sample)
Denis Leary - filler
Little Nicky ("Jugs" sample)
Little Nicky ("No Respect" sample)
David Cross - Praying for Bush
Bill Hicks - Dinosaurs in the Bible
David Cross - (edit) Xtian Sandwich
Eddie Izzard - Jesus And Man
Groucho Marx - Priest Stories
Groucho Marx - Stay Down Here Where You Belong
Denis Leary - Lock N Load

show086 - Lenny Bruce Special! - Apr 25-May 1, 2005

George Carlin - Heavy Mysteries
Lenny Bruce - Fantasy with the Judge
Lenny Bruce - Eichmann Theme
Ozzy Osbourne - Take Me Out to the Ball Game

show085 - Mitch Hedberg (RIP), Alice Cooper - Apr 18-24, 2005

Cheech And Chong - The Pope, Live At The Vatican
Cheech And Chong - Wink Dinkerson
Mitch Hedberg - Candy Bars, Houses, Pop
Neil Hamburger - Hijinx
Neil Hamburger - Hijinx and a Child
Tom Lehrer - In Old Mexico [live]
George Carlin - Man Stuff [edit]
Alice Cooper - Fantasy Man
Alice Cooper - Nurse Rozetta
Alice Cooper - Millie and Billie
Alice Cooper - Inmates (We're All Crazy)

show 084 - Belated Johnny Carson Tribute, Robert Schimmel - Apr 11-17, 2005

Denis Leary - Lock N Load
Bill Hicks - Great Times On Drugs [Flying Saucer version]
Bill Hicks - Mandatory Marijuana [edit]
Onion Radio News - New Shirt Relieves Torso Pain
Steven Wright - Rachel
Robert Schimmel - Love,Marriage,Sex,Dysfunctn,Adult Toy
Celebrities At Their Worst - Billie Holiday (parts 1 & 2)
Johnny Carson - With Groucho Marx
Weird Al Yankovic - Heres Johnny

show 083 - RFS Relaunch & Dedication to HH - Apr 2-10, 2005

Eddie Izzard - Jesus And Man
Bill Hicks - A Killer Idea
Bill Hicks - Smoking [Relentless version]
Prof. Sinister - Deathray(2)
George Carlin - Little Things We Share
Neil Hamburger - I'm In Your Band
Prof. Sinister - Deathray(3)
Mark Jonathan Davis - Phantom Medley
Fishbone - I Like To Hide Behind My Glasses
Fishbone - Let The Good Times Roll
Weird Al Yankovic - Spatula City
Prof. Sinister - Deathray(4)
Weird Al Yankovic - Grapefruit Diet
Fishbone - In The Name of Swing
Neil Hamburger - Music of the Night
Fishbone - Fled

Due to RFS being on and off the air at different times, it's 
unclear whether these episodes were ever aired for a full week.
Hopefully they'll be replayed in the future:
show082 - Bill M's 30th Birthday Bash
show081 - The Backmasking Special

March 2005: Shows are futher delayed as computer gizmos 
get replaced, RFS Headquarters moves, DJs do some duty 
shuffling, etc.  We thank you for your patience.

February 2005:  RFS goes through MAJOR technical difficulties.
All programs are delayed.

show080 - Redd Foxx!! - Jan 24-30, 2005

Eddie Izzard - A Play on Nativity / Crazy St. Peter / Swiss Protection
George Carlin - On The Road
George Carlin - Filthy Words
Onion Radio News - Drunkard has Important Thought
Redd Foxx - "Redd Foxx At Home"
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Listen

show079 - Bill reads some listener mail (the good n' the bad) - Jan 17-23, 2005

Denis Leary - Fuck The Pope
Onion Radio News - hippie jesus
Monty Python - Every Sperm Is Sacred
Denis Leary - Dogsledding
Robert Schimmel - Introduction
Robert Schimmel - Hotels
Steven Wright - Hitchhiking
Tom Lehrer - Fight Fiercely, Harvard
David Cross - Literally, 3rd Person Talk
Steven Wright - Ice
David Cross - Night With Harlow

show78 - Announcing new DVDs from Rodney Dangerfield, Denis Leary, Bill Hicks - Jan 10-16, 2005

Bill Hicks - The Pope / Christianity / Seven Seals
Onion Radio News - Jesus Christ Hires Associate Christ
Denis Leary - Asshole of the Dance
Denis Leary - Asshole
Denis Leary - Voices In My Head
Denis Leary - Love Barge
Bill Hicks - Marketing & Advertising
Tim Allen - 1989 stand-up performance
Jeff Foxworthy - 1989 stand-up performance
George Carlin - Ed Sullivan Self Taught
Firesign Theatre - Toad Away

show77 - The Cars & Driving Episode - Jan 3-9, 2005

George Carlin - Traffic Accidents...Keep Movin'!
Eddie Murphy - Hit By A Car
Onion Radio News - neckbelts
Weird Al Yankovic - Truck Drivin' Song
George Carlin - More Stuff on Cars & Driving (Intro, Toll Booths, 
   NJ and License Plates, Bumper Stickers, Baby On Board)
Onion Radio News - NASA/NASCAR Merger
George Carlin - More Stuff on Cars & Driving [continued] (Red Lights and 
   Tickets, Joggers and Bicycles, The Other Cars)
Andrew Dice Clay - The Car Ride (Goin' To A Party)
George Carlin - Hitchhiking (shorter/older Version)
Cheech N Chong - Pedro And Man At The Drive-In

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