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What is The Devil's Mischief?

The Devil's Mischief is a comedy & novelty podcast with an emphasis on material that the DJ deems to be "not for the masses". It is one of many fine shows brought to you through Radio Free Satan (RFS). Episodes these days are typically 45 minutes in length and released about every other week.

Hey! I'm only here because I found some funny picture with the watermark "" somewhere on it!

Yes, I've made lots of humorous memes and other sharable pics over the years! They've been shared a lot. Thank you for being curious enough to see what else I do.

How do I listen to the show?

There are lots of ways you can listen! Like many podcasts these days, TDM is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and similar carriers. The latest episodes are always on Radio Free Satan's TDM page, where you can listen to them right through the player on the page, or save the file for later listening. See the main page for instructions. You'll find a link there to the latest episode too.

Hey, wait! I'm only here because I saw "" on a funny picture I found on-line.

I do create a lot of memes and the like on Facebook, so if they made you laugh and led you here, then good -- that was their purpose!

Can I make requests for the show? Send in jokes? Send my praises/complaints, etc.?

Sure, you can email me at for any of these things. But please keep these guidelines in mind:

Whose recordings do you play on the show?

The Devil's Mischief draws from all sorts of comedy and novelty recordings, spanning from golden-age radio, all the way up through to today's best comedians. Here is a partial list with some links to official/notable websites for each of them. [Note: TDM has been going since 2003, so we're sorry if some of these links are out of date.]

If you'd like to request comedy or novelty pieces from somebody not listed here, don't be afraid to ask; there's always the chance that I already have it and just forgot to list it, or I can obtain it on my own, or you have an mp3 you can send to me (again, only after checking with me first).

What stuff won't be played on the show?

The show steers away from comedy that I consider to be "for the masses". This isn't as simple as rejecting everything that's popular and playing only the so-called "underground" comedy. Some excellent comedy albums have rightfully won Grammys, while some underground comedy can be just as predictable and programmed as the latest prime-time sitcom. But at the very least, I generally refuse to play the following:

I also try to limit the amount of repeated material. This is due to me being fed up with other comedy shows that end up repeating the same clips over and over again in a short period of time. It's rare to hear a clip played twice in the same year.

Who is Satanbear?

Satanbear is a 10-inch tall plush teddy bear in a devil costume, and the mascot of The Devil's Mischief. His page on Facebook is the official TDM page, and also the source of a lot of the non-audio comedy I create. He typically stars in Xmas videos for Radio Free Satan released every December, which you can find on YouTube.

How can I get the latest updates from The Devil's Mischief and some of the other shows on Radio Free Satan, and discuss these shows with the DJs and other listeners?

The latest updates should always be both here on and also on the Radio Free Satan page itself. You can also add Satanbear on Facebook. We also have a page on Facebook. We have a mailing list too, but that's being phased out since much more people seem to prefer social media sites over email these days.

Where can I hear ALL of those hundreds and hundreds of past episodes?

The short answer is: you can't. Starting in 2012, I've replayed certain old episodes as "The Devil's Mischief Rewind". If I get enough demand for a particular past episode, I may very well re-air it. I also sell "Devil's Mischief Grab Bags" on occasion which may include a bonus disc of certain past episodes too. Also starting earlier in 2012, the RFS site was redesigned to house any newer episodes on-demand. These can be accessed from the TDM page on

If however you're looking for every damn episode going all the way back to episode 1, you won't find it. There are several reasons for this:

What does comedy have to do with the Devil in the first place?

Comedy and wit can very well serve as devilish virtues, in every sense of the word. They stand as the complete antithesis of piety and religious pretentiousness. The theme also fits in nicely with the archetype of devils being tricksters. Novelty songs can also help serve as a refreshing contrast to self-righteous artists and zealous fans who take their music religiously, perhaps in more ways than they realize. Some of the block quotes you see on the right side of the page were taken from Anton LaVey's essays on the subject, and can be found in The Devil's Notebook and Satan Speaks.

Who are you?

You can call me Bill M. I am the DJ, producer, webmaster, and all that stuff for The Devil's Mischief. I'm also the creator of, a main creator of the content of Dr. Schitz, PhD in Satanic Memes and run the Facebook group "Ridicule of Shitty Writing". Besdies making The Devil's Mischief, I was originally the producer the show Confessions of a Wicked Witch on Radio Free Satan, and have co-hosted and guested in other RFS shows. Some of my other on-line projects are listed on

As some of you may have already known, I am a Satanist. But don't let that scare you off. I hold the title of Magister in the Church of Satan. That's kind of like a bishop. I have conducted Satanic weddings and funerals. I've given a number of radio, newspaper, and television interviews over the years, plus have written articles for the official Church of Satan site as well as in Satanism publications such as Not Like Most, The Trident, The Devil's Diary and Ninth Gate. I've created many other websites that have come and gone over the years, such as Hellywood, the first Satanic film site, and created some essays and other content for including new, authorized transcriptions of Anton LaVey's music.

Of course, this particular FAQ you're reading right now is for a comedy show, not Satanism. For an FAQ on Satanism, go read the Church of Satan FAQ. Or don't. I'm not here to convert people.

Oh no! Is this secretly some kind of front to recruit members into a Satanic cult?!?

No. Don't flatter yourself. My goal is comedy, not converts.

"Hi, I'm an attention-starved, insecure religious nut who wants to scream 'PRAISE [insert deity here]!' and tell you that you are going to experience [some nasty imaginary thing] because you don't follow the same religion as me."

Go away.

"Hi, I'm the former president of the Bank of Nigeria and I'm reaching out to you because..."


Help, this color scheme is hurting my eyes! I demand that you change it for me!


"Bill M."? What does the "M" stand for?


Now did you really read all of that? Or did you just scroll to the bottom of the page?